Donald Trump or Donald Dump?

Anger, confusion, bitterness, ill will, discouragement, malice.

These are some of the feelings expressed by Wesley College students after Donald Trump was elected president.

“I hate the guy,” junior Kierra Whitaker said. “I don’t see how we could allow him to become the president.”

Senior Ben Miller said he remembers the election like it was yesterday.

“Almost like a nightmare that I can’t seem to forget about,” he said. “I may be in the Marines and he may be my boss, but I can’t stand the guy.”

Senior Kabrea Tyler doesn’t like him.

“He is a jerk, a racist, and isn’t doing anything for this country,” she said. “He is basically a joke.”

Students weren’t the only ones who felt negatively about Trump.

“He is irresponsible, narcissistic, self-serving, sexist,” said Dr. Jeffrey Mask, professor of religion and philosophy. “He is a deplorable human being. In fact, I don’t even think he is a human being.”

Dr. Cynthia Newton, a professor of Political Science, said Trump is unlike any other U.S. president.

“He has never held elected office before and is not versed in the Constitution or intricacies of diplomacy,” she said. “He revels in being a disrupting force without fully appreciating the consequences of his actions on others.

Newton also views him as favoring some groups over others.

“His views on and comments about women and people of color are extremely problematic for an officeholder that commands such sway of public opinion,” she said.

Some students found good things to say.

“I think it’s cool how he set himself up to become the president,” senior Ajanae Fort said.

Junior Joshua Hughes said he doesn’t know what the big deal is about Trump.

“My parents like him so I guess he can’t be that bad of a person,” he said.