By Brielle Braxton-Young; The Whetstone

Organizations on campus could save themselves a lot of stress by filling out the EIF form properly.

Turning in documentation on time is the main reason events are not approved, Naomi Rubin, head of reservations, said.

Alexis Bynum, vice president of the Fairy God sisters of Delaware, said she was frustrated last semester planning events.

“There were so many events that we looked forward to that didn’t get approved, even when paperwork was in on time,” she said.

Bynum wasn’t the only one who said she had this problem.

Alpha Phi Omega Event Coordinator Sydney Brokenborough said she was unable to get events approved as well. She said the forms aren’t processed quickly enough.

“I think there has to be a medium,” she said. “I understand there are a lot of organizations here on campus, but sometimes if (Rubin) needs help, then say that. I don’t think it’s bad to have an assistant to help her out – at least we would know from a student’s eye that she’s not the one to fault for the problems that are going on with the paperwork. I just don’t want the same things to happen this semester.”

Bynum also blamed the process.

“When you follow that process, things are more efficient,” she said. “In my opinion, there was some type of miscommunication (getting proper signatures) between SGA and Reservations.”

Rubin, who oversees booking rooms and getting events approved for student organizations, said she sends emails when organizations’ event person is missing paperwork for events approvals.

She said the problem is event persons’ who do not turn in paperwork on time, or have missing documentation when they turn it in.

Rubin said this semester, organizations do not have to go through SGA, but submit EIF forms straight to her office.

“Last semester, I was able to submit an event two-three weeks before, and it would get approved in a timely fashion,” Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated Event Coordinator Kierra Whitaker said.

“It is very important that when planning an event the reservation request should be done four weeks in advance of the event and EIF forms are submitted four weeks in advance of the event,” Rubin said.

Black Student Union President Rex Chege said he has submitted events properly.

“My team and I plan events for the next month in advance, he said. “We have at least three events per month, with two out of three of those events we try to do without having to spend money.”

Chege said the process is long but worth it.

“We fill out the room reservations and EIFs together with the information we know we don’t need to wait on,” he said. “Turn in the room reservation and wait for approval. While we wait, we get our adviser to sign off on the EIF and start making the flier. Once we get that information, we then are able to turn our EIFs in a few hours after we get confirmation.”


Here’s the process, according to Naomi Rubin:

  • Fill out the Room Reservation Form and email it to Reservations or drop it off at Reservations Office. There are bins outside the office for that purpose. There are forms there as well.Forms are also available at‐ request
  • All Reservation requests must be done in writing or by email.
  • You will receive an email confirming your reservation. You will receive your requested room or, if it is not available, another option will be chosen for you. This takes 1‐4 business days.
  • Once you receive your confirmation email, fill out an EIF form if your event involves spending any money (on food or a vendor or merchandise) or inviting an outside speaker or guests. The event contact and coordinator has to be the same person.
  • All EIF forms that have been reviewed with your adviser and include all the required paperwork (Food quotes from Aramark or elsewhere, check requests, invoices, and contracts) should then be dropped off at the Reservations Office.
  • No contracts may be signed by anyone except CFO Belinda Burke
  • Once the EIF form is received, Rubin logs it, gives it an event number, and reviews it. She forwards it to the SGA for approval.
  • Rubin also emails the Public Safety Office for approval.
  • Once it has been approved by the SGA and Public Safety Office, Rubin brings a hard copy of the EIF for to the CFO for approval.
  • This process may take up to 3‐4 weeks.
  • No event may be advertised until it has been approved.
  • The approved EIF will be sent to the contact event organizer, who may forward a signed contract to vendors and order any materials for the event.