Brielle Braxton-Young; The Whetstone

Malik Johnson, a business administration major who will be a part of Wesley’s graduating class this coming May, said he is glad he chose business as his major.

“I have many career options,” he said. “Ultimately, I would love to own my own business one day. Once I graduate, I plan on getting a job with the government in the business department and working my way up from there.”

In 2010, one of every three students who entered Wesley finished in four years. Those were the good old days. Now, according to the College’s Fact Book, only one of every five students graduates in four years.

Like Johnson, the thrill of graduation and being on time means something to students here at Wesley.

“I’m actually graduating on time,” said Doris Tremble who started Wesley in 2015.

Tremble, an education major, said she wants to take some time off before returning to graduate school and becoming a teacher.

“I want to find a good paying job then go to graduate school,” she said. “But, I’m still deciding where to apply to.”

Tremble’s goal is to teach elementary school children.

“I used to want to come back to teach at Wesley, but by the time I get to where I want to be, who knows if the school will even be here anymore,” she said.

Education major Destiny Williams said she chose her major because she wants to help younger students learn the subjects she loved.

“Knowledge helps in developing who you are as a person,” she said.

Business major Kalea Lankford said she wants to open her own business after she earns her Bachelor’s degree in May.

“I really like money and being able to give directions to others,” she said. “Like being a manager but being able to manage yourself and your money that’s a plus.”

Lankford says it was JA Biztown that motivated her to go in business when she entered college.

JA Biztown, is a part of Junior Achievement, an organization that educates students in about entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy.

Only a few students are selected to participate.

I started in fourth grade where I was a part of JA Biztown,” Lankford said. “Ever since then, it’s stuck and I was hooked.”

Psychology major Briana Artis changed her major from elementary education during her sophomore year and will still graduate in four years. She plans to go back home and be a role model to students after graduation.

“I’m going to move back to Philadelphia, become a substitute teacher at my old high school and coach cheerleading or track,” she said.

Psychology major Sharon Gross said she was surprised she finished in four years.

“It’s hard to graduate in four years as a psychology major,” she said. “I didn’t think it would happen.”

Gross will not attend graduate school directly after leaving Wesley.

“Before I get a job, I want to go into doing things in my hometown,” she said. “Maybe working in an office or even a mental institution. I really want to put my degree to use.”

Johnson plans on moving to Atlanta after graduation.

“I do plan on attending graduate school and it will most likely be not be Wesley but somewhere else,” he said. “The reason I chose Wesley because the smaller classroom sizes allow for more personal attention.”