By Kent Milligan; The Whetstone 

Many students at Wesley College say it can be hard to find a decent parking spot on campus. But just as many say the parking is fine.

Students who don’t want to pay $50 for a parking pass park on the side of the roads around campus, which at times can be hard to find. And many students say oncoming traffic is dangerous.

If finding a spot wasn’t hard enough, these students said, they also deal with rough and cracked roads. There is also a large trash site in parking lot D – the student parking lot – that reeks of sludge and garbage.

Public Safety Director Garrick Cornish said there were more than 400 student spaces. Students can park exclusively in Lot D.

“Students can park in the lots that match their assigned decal and there is also open parking in the E lot,” he said. “Approximately 321 student passes were sold.”

Some students who drive say they find it difficult to find a spot, especially later in the day.

Erin Lewis, a commuter who lives about five minutes away, said, “It is fine, but the parking at school I can’t seem to find sometimes.”

Junior Kylie Ferry said she has a hard time.

“I can never find a parking spot, the parking lots and garages are too small,” she said.

Sophomore Lexus Hebert, a commuter, said the lots are OK.

“I mainly park in the open parking lot (E),” she said. “You do not need a parking pass to park there. But it is hard to get a parking spot if you are not there early in the morning.”

Other students even find it difficult to move around from the size of the parking lots.

Sophomore Wesner Dorcelus didn’t buy a pass this year, but had one last year.

“The parking lot D is small, it is too compacted,” he said. “I park on the street.”

Senior Maryssa Roberts who paid the $50 for a parking pass, said, “It is very easy. I paid the $50 so I have no trouble at all – but it helps having early classes.”

Freshman commuter Madison Pyle travels 30 minutes home to Newark. She also bought the $50 parking pass.

“It is not bad, there isn’t many commuters and it isn’t hard to get around,” she said. “In the lots there are potholesand the entrances and exits are not big enough for more than one car to get in and out.”

Students said arriving earlier to campus makes it easier to find a parking spot.

Junior and commuter Lexi Luff lives 35 minutes away in Milford. She also paid the $50 parking pass.

“It is fine, it’s more convenient to find parking in the morning,” she said. “The lots, they could also be bigger.”