The Midnight Roast hasn’t been very busy lately.

Many students at Wesley College said they were not familiar with the coffee chill area that began just a couple of years ago

The purpose of the Midnight Roast was to have an environmentally sustainable coffee shop where students could come together and study and talk between 8 p.m. and midnight.

The Midnight Roast provides coffee and hot chocolate for only 50 cents each.

Kody Rivera said one of his friends told him about the Midnight Roast, which made him start going there to study and to chill with his friends.

“The reason why is because of the location,” he said. “It’s very hidden and there are not that many signs up to promote it.”

  The Midnight Roast is located on the ground floor in College Center. Because of the lack of customers, the board of the Midnight Roast is working on posting more flyers to make students more aware.

One of the employees, junior biology major Emari Evans, said the place averages eight people an evening.

   “It is half regulars and half new people coming in,” she said. “The lack of knowledge around campus affects the sales for the roast.”

   Evans said she only works three nights a week. Since the Midnight Roast is a non-profit, the money it makes is only used to buy more coffee products. If they have anything left over, the money is donated to charity.

The Roast is rebuilding this year because a lot of people involved in the coffee shop, including customers, graduated last semester.

Employee junior Amy Wilkie said she thinks there are two reasons why the Roast is not well attended.

“The reason why a lot of people don’t know about the Midnight Roast is because we waited for our budget to go through SGA so we can get more supplies to offer to students,” she said. “Also, it is the lack of awareness and advertisement for students.”

Faculty adviser to the Roast, Dr. Angela D’Antonio, said getting the word out is important.

“They need to make it marketable and to tell people what it is and it’s for a good cause,” she said.

The Vice President of the Roast, Anthony Cinque, said the same thing.

“Bad advertisement and a lack of organization,” he said.