The Cannon Hall elevator at Wesley College has been completely redone after a month of repairs.

Christine Albanese, a math professor at Wesley College, has been at Wesley for about two decades and said she has had several problems riding the Cannon Hall elevator.

“The elevator had been very slow, but they have been fixing it for weeks” she said. “It was an old elevator anyway, so it is no surprise it needed fixing.”

The elevator had an “old smell,” Albanese said, “like something out of an old antique shop.”

Her daughter, Victoria Albanese, a second-year student at Wesley College, also has experienced the Cannon Hall elevator.

“I basically have been going there my whole life,” she said. “It is very outdated, it’s so slow and the pathway when leaving is very narrow, so it did need some fixing.”

Frank Fielder, chair of the math and science departments, said the elevator has been repaired in the past.

“The elevator is old, of course, but it did have some repairs in the past,” he said. “I think now it needed major repairs.”

Faculty Secretary Anh Gibson echoed the problem of how slow the elevator has been.

“Nothing too serious, but it was just really slow,” she said.

She said, however, the repairs were about more than that.

 “The reason it needed to be fixed was because the handicap access to the elevator needed to be repaired,” she said.

Victoria Albanese also said her handicapped sister, who suffers from Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, always struggled to get into the elevator.

“Sometimes the elevator would struggle to lift when we were both in the elevator,” she said.

Gibson also said the doors often struggled to open.

“The doors on some floors wouldn’t open, which led maintenance to repair and redo the entire elevator,” she said.

Maintenance chief Tom Idnurm sent an email Oct. 4, reporting, “The elevator in Canon Hall has been repaired and is back in service.”