By: Mike Brewer; The Whetstone


Many Wesley students seem unaware of what the career advising center is, let alone what it may do for them and their future careers. Some students say they have never heard of it, but there are some who know about the center and its benefits.

“It helps students find job opportunities, and help them look for internships in their majors,” senior Coray Williams said.

Kendall Wilson, the center’s coordinator, said she has had 162 visits from 98 students with a total of 75 hours with students during the fall semester. About 24 of those hours have been advising about careers, 42 of those hours have been general advising, and seven hours have been spent on student success outreach for struggling students.

“I started in February of 2018,” Wilson said. “Last year was my first full year and of all the students that I have worked with have been successful.”

She said she is still figuring out how to make the center more known.

“Sometimes instructors will ask me to come into the classroom and either do short or long talk on different things, like resumes or interviewing skills,” she said.

Williams, an exercise science major, said he will be using the center when he does his internship.

“Students who are exercise science majors need to do 100 observation hours and 400 internship hours,” he said. “The center can help with that. It has not helped me yet, but it will definitely help me when I need to do my internship in order to graduate”

Wesley graduate Craig Pettit said that the center is a great place to go to for help on preparing for a future career.

“They help with resources that you need to be successful,” he said.

Junior Beth Manlove said the center is beneficial to everyone who uses it or is planning on using it.

“The people in the center know a lot about networking and resources,” she said. “They constantly send out emails to students about things they need in order to move forward.”

Associate athletic director and assistant head football coach Steve Azzanesi said the center was useful when figuring out what he wanted to do for a career.

“It helped me think about my future and got me on the right track with figuring out what I wanted to do,” he said.

Sophomore Damerius Wright said he knows about Wesley’s Career Advising Center but he has not used it.

“I haven’t been there but I plan on using it in the future to get on the right path for my career,” he said. “I feel like they should put themselves out there more so students know who they are and what they do.”