By Kent Milligan; The Whetstone

It happens.

You’re done with class and you’re hungry. You decide you want a quick snack and go to the POD.

But as soon as you walk in, you see those prices next to the listings for chicken tenders, /mozzarella sticks, candy and sandwiches.

Senior Maryssa Roberts comes to The Den every day.

“They are kinda too high for a college student,” she said. “Some students can’t work while in college. It’s probably cheaper to buy things at Walmart, and they have discounts.”

Roberts said she comes to the Den, where students sit and eat, and buys from the POD every day.

“Other than that, I like it,” she said.

Commuter Erin Lewis comes to the Den every day for study hours.

“I bought a candy bar there once and it was like $3, so it is expensive compared to stores like Dollar Tree,” she said.

Candy at the POD vary in costs, from $1.19 Fig Bars, $1.99 king-sized Twix or Hershey bars and candy bags like Welch’s $3.29 Reese’s Pieces s $4.99 Sweet Tarts bag.

Junior Lexi Luff said she doesn’t come to The Den everyday but when she does it’s to do homework.

 “It is ridiculously expensive,” she said. “My freshman year I bought a meal for $15, which included a cheesesteak, fries, and a drink. I would rather spend the $15 at Walmart and pack a lunch for the entire week than spend at the POD so I haven’t spent that much ever since.”

A regular Philly cheesesteak without any add-ons costs $5.99 and regular-sized fries cost $2.19; large fries cost $2.69.

Beverages can cost as low as $1.79 for Dasani Lemon-flavored water to mid-range $1.99 sodas and fruit flavored drinks, like Dr. Pepper or Minute Maid, $2.39 for large Powerades, and as high as $3.99 like a Monster Hydro.

Some students said going to other restaurants like Chick-fil-A offer the same amount of food but at cheaper prices.

Freshman Madison Pyle said she doesn’t come to the Den often.

“It is expensive for no reason,” she said. “Like a sandwich is $5.99 and fries are $2.69, but I can go to Chick-fil-A and spend less for the same amount of food for around $6.”

Many students use the POD because they’re using their meal plan cards, which are accepted there. They can’t use the cards anywhere outside of Wesley.

Commuter Jada Simon uses both her debit card and student ID card to pay for lunches at the POD.

“I don’t have to have a meal plan but I have one just in case I need to eat,” she said. “When I come in here I have a certain amount of points to use, so I try to conserve them and use them at times I really can’t spend money.”