By Brielle Braxton-Young, The Whetstone

Almost four years ago, I struggled with coming to Wesley because I didn’t really understand what college was all about.

I knew some of my friends from the Wesley ’20 group chat would be here so, I thought, as long as we remain close-knit and help each other out, I’ll be fine.

But that wasn’t the case – and now only five remain.

Most left for personal reasons – homesickness, struggling with time management, not being able to afford college, and, for some, Wesley in particular.

Those of us who stayed were on top of our game. We had our major planned, we weren’t afraid to find resources on campus, we joined organizations, and two of us are now presidents of those organizations.

I decided to do news stories for my senior project that focused primarily on “Student Struggles while Being in College.” Some of those struggles included mental health, time management, administrative support and money management.

My mom repeatedly told me, “You’re going to college.”

It wasn’t an option. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Fast forward to planning your college future, picking your major, exploring open houses.

It’s exciting, isn’t it? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.

Was this the right choice for you? Or was it the only choice you had?

Four years ago, I applied to what had seemed like a great school, nice staff, positive all around.

Four years later I’ve discovered even more.

Wesley is all about “Where Great Things Await,” not just for the students, but for everyone.

But it’s been four years and I am still waiting for these great things.

Students struggle with a lot here at Wesley College. That is why I decided to focus my senior project on student struggles.

We are crying for help, but where is it? The help. The support. Oh, wait, we have to go find it ourselves.

Does anyone ever check on us to say, “How are you doing today?” Maybe in passing, but the real answer is no.

Does anyone ever get to know us for not the sport we play but the person we are? That’s a no, too.

Well, I’ll introduce myself.

Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Brielle Braxton-Young, senior. Multimedia Communication major. My family is pretty close but my father broke my heart before anyone else could. I’ve struggled with this for years but it’s OK because I am making it. I have three little sisters, two are freshmen in college, and my little sister just turned 14. I am part of the cheerleading team here at Wesley, and I am the president of the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality. My favorite color is blue, and my favorite thing to do outside of school is hang with friends. I hate peanut butter, and have a phobia of bugs. I was named Junior of the Year for the 2018-2019 school year, and the memorial wall that was once hanging up in the CC Lobby – that was me. I did that. I get discouraged easily and always want to give up when I feel I am not good enough. I am a broke college student, my mental health is OK, better than what is has been in the past year or two. I have a great relationship with Pastor BK and I will be sad when I leave her in May.

Was that too much?

Maybe I should have sugar-coated some things; I mean, that’s what they want us to do.

We have no one to talk to. To hear us.

Students shouldn’t only be getting support from one person. It should be everyone.

I am asking for the support we have lacked all these years.

That is why I chose this topic. And that is why I’m writing this.

So tell me, is there anything you can do to help me or do I have to keep waiting?