By Troy Hamilton; The Whetstone

Gerry Porter and his family came from Milford to stop at Wesley during its Homecoming weekend to attend the Greek n’ Treat.

He and his wife watching their children eat candy and get their face painted.

“There’s a lot of variety,” he said. “The college did good organizing this event. All of the Halloween decorations and the costumes were impressive. My two kids had fun.”

   Wesley College’s library staff hosted Wesley’s Halloween event, Greek n’ Treat, Oct. 26 during Homecoming. With the help of Gwen Pursell from the psychology department, Josh Nobiling from the Art department, and the head interim of Alumni, Laura Bingham Mayse, they created a lot of fun for local residents.

The adviser of both the event and of the National Society of Leadership and Success organization, head librarian Katherine Goff pointed out that the event was for the community and the kids, to give candy to the children of the community, alumni children and to families.

Children played games such as Duck pond, a sack race, Tic Tac Toe and face painting.

“Feels great for Wesley to be part of the Halloween fun and be part to give to the community,” Goff said. “We want Dover and Kent County to think of a good time when they think of Wesley College.”

NSLS president Alexis Holland said it was about the community.

“It’s a fun activity to give to the community,” she said. “It is a good way for the community to know what Wesley College is about and spread the Halloween in a safe atmosphere.”

Andrew Dowell came with his daughter. He said they were invited by his daughter’s volleyball coach.

“The science tent and the Disney princesses were really cool,” he said. “My favorite thing about the event was the Ghostbusters table and the costumes.”

Lacrosse coach Jillian Lontz brought out her family.

“Events like this are great,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity for the community to come see what Wesley has going on. But also for families coming back for Homecoming to get out and get involved away for the traditional Homecoming activities than have it be more friend and family.”