By Mike Brewer; The Whetstone

You could sit in your room each semester or you could join a campus organization and make the best of your college experience.

That’s the message of many organization leaders who want their fellow students to come out and join in the fun of attending and participating in events.

Sophomore Ra’quon Green of the Black Student Union said joining an organization may help you learn about yourself and develop “soft skills.”

“Joining an organization will help you learn about yourself and discover your goals and strengths,” he said. “You will develop soft skills, which allow you to be more comfortable when communicating with someone else.”

Sophomore Ray Baine said he isn’t in an organization because he does not want to.

“I don’t believe that it will do anything for me,” he said. “I don’t see the point in joining”

Graduate Assistant Ray Mangold said organizations present networking opportunities, and you can transition the skills you gain from your organization to the classroom.

“Meeting new people and making connections will help you when looking for a job,” he said. “Leadership skills that you gain from your organization can help you become more effective when working as a team in class or on a group project.”

Junior Greg Clark said he doesn’t join because it would cut his days short.

“I want free time,” he said

Senior Bri Bacon said being in an organization helps develop other skills.

“Becoming an officer in an org will help you develop leadership skills that will be useful in your life right now and down the line, such as public speaking and individual confidence,” she said.

Sophomore Andrew Risper said that he would like to join but he cannot fit it in his schedule.

“I don’t have the time with my class and football schedule,” he said.

Junior Marcus Gaspard of the Black Student Union said an organization can expand your resume, inspire you to give back to the community – and they can be fun.

“Student orgs have many events and charities so there are plenty of opportunities to give back,” he said.  “Activities and orgs look great on a resume, and being able to show your employer what you were a part of will show them that you are hardworking and can handle responsibilities that come your way.”

Dania Wootson of the Student Nurses Association said that organizations help you build leadership skills and get you more involved around campus.

“You are able to grow as a person and contribute back to people around you,” she said.