By David Pierre; The Whetstone

Senior Madison Cook said she and her field hockey teammates live it up most nights, going out for drinks and bowling during their spare time.

“My teammates and I all attend $2 Tuesdays at the downtown Dover bowling alley,” she said. “All the games are $2 and some change for each person. We also go to Applebee’s a lot because of their drinks are like $4.”

She is one of many students who say they fill up their night lives with either events at local restaurants and bars, or attending campus activities.

Senior Cameron Miles also loves going out for drinks and having fun with friends during his spare time.

“When I am done with classes, I usually hang out with some friends at a bar,” he said. “For drinks we either go to McGlynn’s or Applebee’s. While we are there we usually laugh, make jokes and reminisce about old times.”

That’s not all Miles and friends do.

“Sometimes we even play backyard football on Sundays and basketball on any other days we are free,” he said.

Some students said they do not go out night for drinks.

Junior Tyler Timmons said she enjoys studying and having conversations with her friends in her room.

“My spare time is sleep, study, workout, and just relax and collect my thoughts,” she said. “When me and my friends get together we usually are talking about what’s going on in our lives, laugh about stuff, and talk about any hardships that are happening at the moment.”

Junior Greggory Clark said his activities were similar to Timmons’.

But he does not live too far from campus so he likes to visit his family and girlfriend from time to time.

“For my weekends I either go up to Newark to see my family, chill with my girlfriend, watch a movie, or play Xbox,” he said. “If I am not doing any of those, I am icing my body (fills a tub with ice and sits in it), studying/doing homework, or listening to music.”

Many younger students cannot go to bars and clubs at night.

Freshman Jemuel Cypress, 18, is years away from doing the activities Miles and Cook can do.

“In my spare time, I watch movies, play video games, sleep, and chill with friends, nothing to special,” he said.

Other activities under-ages students may do are often provided by Wesley’s Student Activities Board, including secret valentines and Easter egg hunts.

Sophomore Matthew Gore usually attends most of the events when he can

“They do a lot of stuff for us,” he said. “Like last year when I went to the laser tag event they did in Wesley west. There was at least 30-40 people there and it was chill and fun.”