By DaQuan Martin; The Whetstone

Many students at Wesley College said they hope Delta Sigma Theta Sorority can bring some new events to campus.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, a historic Black Greek letter organization founded in 1913 said it is chartering a line – starting a new chapter – at Wesley College.

The sorority could bring new events students haven’t seen in a long time or at all, senior Kai Lee II said.

“This is a new organization to the students who may or may not be aware of who they are,” he said. “Any events they host on campus will bring people because it’s simply new and a chance to learn what they are about.”

Lee said the news of them coming has sparked a lot of conversation.

“Word of mouth is one of the fattest ways of spreading news,” he said. “I know somewhat who they are, but before I’d seen a flyer, I heard about them from at least five people.”

Because Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is not on campus yet, no one can’t tell what they will do or how well their events will be, senior Brielle Braxton-Young said.

“Hopefully over the years it will help promote Greek unity at Wesley,” she said. “But we are going have to wait and see if they can get more people to come to their events.”

Some say since Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is new it will get people simply just to come out of their rooms.

Alumnus Elijah Tinson said it will help brighten up the Greeks at Wesley with a new shine and make people come out.

“I believe that it is a good thing the Deltas are coming,” he said. “For years we have been trying to get another D9 organization. Everybody is getting tired of the same Greeks on campus. Let’s try to freshen things up a bit.”

D9 is a shorter term for the classification of “The Divine 9.”

Traditional black Greeks are known as the Divine 9 at Historical Black Colleges and Universities, and all the private colleges that might have black Greeks, senior Rex Chege said.

“It is always exciting to see new faces to campus,” he said. “I definitely believe that they will have a major impact on campus because a lot of people have been waiting a long time for this.”

Sophomore David Pierre said he believes the new organization will help get people to come out to events.

“The school does not do enough activities to attract students,” he said. “But with the Deltas coming we get to those dance moves and actually seem to have a lit campus.”