By David Pierre; The Whetstone

Senior Daquan Martin said he’s noticed a decline in students and activities throughout his five years of attending Wesley. 

There were more people,” he said. “My class alone had 600 people in it, which made the school more active.” 

Low attendance takes most of the blame from students. 

Senior Nick Glover also noticed the difference between his freshman class and this years. 

“There is a big difference,” he said. “There were a lot more students and all the dorm buildings were open.” 

Glover is referring to the most recently closed dorms, Gooding and Williams halls. 

The number of activities and off-campus parties have shrunk. 

Many students are neither joining organizations nor attending on- and off-campus events. 

Senior Josh Hughes said the campus used to be livelier and activities were exciting. 

“There has been a decrease in activities,” he said. “We used to do dodge ball tournaments and even basketball activities in the gym. 

Senior Cameron Miles said parties used to be a lot more fun.  

“Back in the day the parties were off the chain,” he said. “It was lit.”  

Hughes also said the school should be doing a better job running activities and making it as fun as possible 

“The school needs to offer more activities, and people need to actually come out and do the activities.” he said. 

The freshman class of 2019-2020 who have just gotten to the school are noticing the same problems, including freshman William Valentine.  

“The school parties are dry and they need to make the campus bigger and more welcoming,” he said. 

Freshman Chauncey Krate also said the school was dry, as in not fun. 

“There are not even enough people here to even really consider it a party,” he said. “I wish the houses were a little bigger like the living room areas. They are a little small.” 

He said he often has trouble finding parties or activities to go to. 

“There really isn’t even anywhere to party sometimes,” he said. “If the people don’t know you, they won’t let you in, which doesn’t really make sense.”