By David Pierre; The Whetstone

 Wesley students try their hardest to find fun anywhere they can.

Junior Greggory Clark said he loves hanging out with friends and eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. 

“The food at B-dubs is amazing, with nice booths so when you are there eating you can feel comfortable,” he said 

Sophomore Andrew Risper and freshman Patrick Boehlert tend to join Clark when he attends the eatery.  

“Yeah, it’s fun, we laugh, eat, and talk about sports and what is going on in our lives,” Risper said. 

Wesley students also gather at the Dover Mall, which has a movie theater and other stores to shop and play games. 

Sophomore Mike Brewer and his roommate sophomore Tyler Poulson go the mall in their spare time. 

“Dover theater is pretty good,” Brewer said. “When we went to go watch the new Joker movie, it was fun. 

Poulson said that the variety of the stores at the mall could be better, but he said he always finds what he is looking for.

“The mall being a couple of minutes from the school is very convenient,” he said.  

“If I ever need a pair of Nike socks or any type of gear before the basketball game, I can always get in time and be back.”