By Mike BrewerThe Whestone 

 You hear it everywhere: “It’s boring at Wesley. There is nothing to do here.”  

There are things to do here. Students are flooded with emails about activities happening or going to happen on campus.  

Sophomore Mathew Gore said that he has been to events before but he does not often go.  

“I am always busy with my schedule so I really cannot go to any events that much,” he said. “Plus I am not really interested in any of the events that I see posted so I most likely would not go anyway” 

Ra’quon Green of the Black Student Union said they have great events 

“We have a Trivia night Feb.10 and a soul food night on the 27th in CC 210.”  

Junior Cameron Hooper said he has heard of people going to events and has seen them post it on social media but he has never gone 

“I have never actually been to an event but I have seen them and they look pretty cool,” he said.  

Hooper said he lives off campus because he said it’s cheaper. 

“Maybe if I stayed on campus I would go to events every now and then.” 

Coordinator of Career Advising Kendall Wilson said there are plenty of events coming up that are not only for upperclassmen but for everyone.  

“I always stress to students that it is not just for graduates but for anyone who ever plans on graduating,” she said. “My first event is Feb12 in CC 206 about preparing for graduate school.”  

The next two include career and graduate school etiquette fairwhich helps prepare students for the April career and graduate school fair. 

The graduate school fair is about networking, so the first one is important because it helps prepare students to be less intimidated at the graduate fair. 

Sophomore Tyler Poulson said he does not go to events because they do not put themselves out there.  

“They don’t do a good job advertising so I never know when to go,” he said. “When I do hear about an event, it doesn’t really interest me. 

Junior Shymere Vessels said he usually does not have time before events because of the things he has to do for his classes. 

“I mostly spend my nights doing homework in the library,” he said. “I have work to get done, and going to an event will not help me with that.