By Jada Simon; The Whetstone 

Sophomore women’s lacrosse player Emily Magness said she was excited to see how the 2020 season will play out. 

There are a lot more players this year. 

 “Last year, we started out with less numbers than expected, but we were still positive and excited to start the season,” she said. “We had a lot of unfortunate injuries. We still don’t have too many numbers this season, but just because we don’t have many girls doesn’t mean that every girl doesn’t have heart for the sport.”  

The Wesley women’s lacrosse team struggled last season to keep numbers. Several players were injured and others quit. 

Junior defender Emily Caldarelli said she hopes the team remains healthy and keeps a positive mindset going into every game.  

“Numbers aside, our team has the biggest heart,” she said. “We work hard for each other and there has never been a time when we have given up.” 

Head coach Jillian Lontz refused to talk about the team. 

The Wolverines brought in five freshmen they believe can be a great help for the upcoming season.  

Magness said she believes in the new talent coming in.  

We did lose a lot of our play makers from last year, but we still have a strong team,” she said. “A lot of new players coming in have a strong skill set along with players that we still have from last year. I think we will do well this year.”