Is it really important to hold a graduation ceremony?


For many Wesley seniors the answer is yes.

Senior Autumn Brown said she understands the circumstances, but it will never be the same not having graduation after finals.

Walking means so much to everyone because the struggle you had when enduring college is gone, and everything you worked so hard for is deserved to be acknowledged and recognized” she said.

Many people go off to college expecting to gain life experiences, learn a lot for their career, and finish with a degree and to celebrate at the end for a job well done.

Then the coronavirus happened.

Senior Ian Throne said he is hurt about not having a smooth traditional graduation.

“My years at Wesley College has been difficult, and to not have a graduation at the end of the tunnel, it hurts” he said.

The coronavirus pandemic forced a lot of schools to closed throughout the country due to the severity of the virus, including Wesley College, which closed its campus March 16.


Because schools are closed until further notice, students and families want answers about what was going to happen with the virtual and fall graduation ceremonies .

Wesley, along with many schools, are trying to resolve issues due to a pandemic that hit worldwide. Wesley College announced that they will be partnering with MarchingOrder to hold a virtual graduation for the Class of  2020.

MarchingOrder is a company that specializes in virtual presentations and they say they are good at what they do which can be found on their website.

The virtual commencement will consist of a profile for each student, dressed in their cap and gown in the profile picture preceding with a quote. The presentation could be seen as a slideshow, when the announcer call the names of each student.

The only male in senior’s Jordan Dillard family, he said there was no better feeling than to shake the hands of the professors and people being that helped him to cross the finish line.

Senior Tyrone Craving said the virtual graduation is helpful but it still is not the same satisfaction.

So you worked so hard all these years and now we don’t even get the satisfaction to walk at graduation although you would still get a diploma” he said.  

Senior Nursing student Briahna Marshall said she was disappointed not having a pinning ceremony, which nursing majors receive when they are done with their courses. A virtual graduation cannot compensate for that moment she been looking towards since she began her journey.

While gathering information on how Wesley College seniors felt about the online graduation, seniors from other schools reached out and wanted to express their grievances also.

Temple University’s Senior Chyna Cummings said she is graduating a year earlier than expected. For Cummings nothing foreshadowed not having a graduation ceremony.

Wesley College has been sending emails regarding information about the virtual commencement and the fall ceremony that is in planning. More information can also be found on Wesley Colleges social media pages such as Instagram and Facebook.

The virtual graduation is set for May 23rd, where the school will also confer degrees on the same day. Meaning that each senior will have the legal recognition for completing all academic and practical requirements with no outstanding debts to the school.

Senior Alexis Bynum said a fall and online graduation would not be the same in her eyes as having the traditional graduation.

“Not having a graduation I am sad. I cannot finish my last semester with my friends I may never see again. To celebrate our downfalls and accomplishments, this is an ending of a story, a chapter that will never be complete in my eyes. I will never get to finish because, of how the virus took away what could have been the best precious moments in my life” she said.