Since the outbreak of the corona virus has impacted at least 124,000 public and private schools and has affected at least 55.1 million students according to

Across the country, schools are closed. Many of the students have returned home but trapped inside like they are in a prison and trying to escape.

Almost 1,800 confirmed cases in the state of Delaware with 41 deaths.

international student Dan Morrison is one of the many students affected by the outbreak

He is originally from Australia and is currently back home.

“I think Wesley Should have acted faster and the fact they were slow could have messed me over,” Morrison said. Since the outbreak he has been trying to adjust to life in Australia.

“I mean my biggest Adjustment was being around so many good people, having a girlfriend and living the college life to not being able to go out or do anything,” Morrison said.

Since he is back in Australia there is a 14 hour time difference so its nearly impossible for hi to attend class. “when I have a 9am usually, that means I would have to stay awake until like 2:30am which is hard. My professors are having a hard time adjusting to my circumstances,” Morrison said.

Morrison doesn’t like online classes because the professors aren’t really experienced with it and there is a lack of communication.