By Kierra Whitaker, The Whetstone

Wesley College students who were on Federal Work-study (FWS) or Wesley Workship (WWS) will still get paid through to the end of the semester, according to Wesley College officials announced on April 16.

Financial Aid Coordinator Howard Flamm said students although they are not physically doing their jobs they will still get paid regularly.

“The Department of Education has stated that Federal Work-study employees will continue to be paid according to their work schedule as was created at the start of the semester,” he said.

The Federal Work-study program is a federally funded program that provides part-time jobs to students who have a financial need as determined by the US Department of Education (DOE) and the Student Financial Aid Office (FAO) using a completed, valid Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


Vice President Finance and Administration/Chief Financial Officer Denis Stark also confirmed that students will get paid.

“Wesley is continuing to pay faculty and staff, as well as student workers,” he said. ” None of the government funds for Emergency Aid to Students are being used for this purpose.”

 Students are to be paid according to the payment schedule in the Student Work Programs Handbook, which is the 1st and the 15th of each month. 

Each semester students who receive federal work-study are allowed to work campus jobs to reach their $1,000. 

“Since the students’ hours will be submitted by their supervisors for each pay period, there will be no need for the student to make up their hours,” Flamm said.

Many students, however, said they have not heard their supervisors, or from financial aid, about the remaining hours of their work-study.

Senior Underground worker Ian Thorne (FWS) last talked to his supervisor on March 13. 

“My Supervisor is Quameshia Callwood has not updated us at all about what will happen,” he said

“Her last email sent on March 13 said that the underground will be closed. Please turn in your timesheet and if you have any questions let her know.”

Senior Underground worker Ashli Moore (FWS)  received the same email.

“She only said that the underground will be closed until further notice but nothing about our remaining hours,” she said. “I do think that she should’ve communicated with us but the person in charge of work-study should’ve said something also.”

Director of Campus Life Quameshia Callwood continues to make sure that her workers are getting paid for their hours.

“I turned the timesheets so the students can still get paid,” she said. “Students will get paid on the next pay periods.”

Senior DaQuan Martin (WWS) depends on his workship checks.

“I haven’t been paid since the virus started,” he said. “When receiving my workship checks I have to pay car insurance, Sallie Mae, and tuition.”

Senior Autumn Brown (FWS) said that work-study is her only income.

“Federal Work-study is my only income during school cause I don’t have time to work off campus,” she said.

Although some students have not been contacted a few have.

“We have staff meetings via Zoom to keep in communication on what’s happening  with our jobs,” Senior Academic Success Center monitor Alana Corry (FWS) said. “At first I was concerned but when we started meeting that concern went away.”

“My supervisor has contacted me since the transition and I have been paid,” Senior student life assistant Autumn Brown (FWS) said.

Seniors were concerned about completing work-study hours to graduate.

“If I do not complete my work-study and pay my school balance I won’t be able to graduate in May,” Thorne said. “I just wanted some type of communication from the school.”

Senior Alana Corry agreed.

“At first I was concerned about not reaching my hours due to the fact that we are unable to clock into Tutor Trac,” she said. “But my supervisor ensured us that we will still get paid.”

Since closing the campus on March 16 students still have not received an email from the financial aid office.

“I feel like it is inconsiderate of them to not send out an email but expect us to continue paying our balances when there is a financial crisis,” senior college chaplain worker Brielle Braxton-Young (FWS) said.

“Wesley should send out an email regarding work-study because I have questions concerning my balance and what to happen next,” senior Underground worker Ashli Moore said.

“Letting students know that due to the crisis it will not affect your account and if you do not reach your quota it shouldn’t affect your money,” Corry said.

Students are looking forward to getting paid for the remainder of the semester.