By Sara Sanchez-Contreras; The Whetstone

Junior Aisli Torres said she prefers hybrid classes to all-online classes.

Tuesdays she attends her hybrid class for “Experimental Psychology” online and Thursdays she goes into the classroom.

“When strictly online, I feel like I’m teaching myself,” Torres said. “I do prefer class than entirely online because I still get to interact with my professors. But nothing is better than having face-to-face lectures.”

Hybrid classes seem to be preferred over online classes by both Wesley students and faculty. Because of COVID-19, Wesley has allowed many more hybrid and online classes than ever before.

“I don’t prefer hybrid classes rather than teaching face to face,” Dr. Brantley Craig said. “But I do prefer to teach hybrid classes instead of everything being strictly online.”

Many faculty said they preferred hybrid classes over all online.

“We’re doing the right thing,” Dr. Jack Barnhardt said. “I prefer hybrid classes than entirely online classes. We still get that face to face experience with hybrid classes.”

“Online classes don’t come equal to face to face,” Dr. Jeffrey Mask said. “Online classes lack interactions with professor and students. At least with hybrid classes, we get to see our students and have interaction with them.”

Junior Toni Borg said she attends her “Religion and America” class on Tuesdays in the classroom; on Thursdays, she’s online.

“We still get to interact with our professors,” Borg said. “I prefer hybrid classes than entirely online because there’s less distraction.”

Junior Na’Shae Cusic said she attends her class, “Explore the World through Literature” entirely online on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

“I’d rather have in-person classes because during online classes I’m not paying attention,” Cusic said. “It all depends on what course it is. I’d rather do hybrid.”

At least one student said she preferred all-online classes to hybrid ones.

Sophomore Jenna Usilton said she has one hybrid class, “Experimental Psychology.” The rest of her classes are on campus.

“When I’m in a hybrid class I feel like I’m not putting my full effort,” Usilton said. “When entirely online, I put in much more effort, and there are fewer distractions, since I am not together with my friends and there is less confusion for myself.”