By Sara Sanchez-Contreras; The Whetstone

Senior Nya Lightfoot said her biggest fears about DSU’s acquisition of Wesley College concerns graduating students and the athletes at Wesley.

“I’m not excited about it,” Lightfoot said. “I don’t know how this is going to affect graduation.”

The acquisition has brought both students and faculty anxiety about what is to come.

At least two students said the acquisition – which is not a merger like they were originally told and thought – upset them.

“It keeps getting called a merger when we are being acquired by them and they make the final decisions,” junior Aisli Torres said. “Everything is about to change for my senior year and the lack of communication and information from Wesley College only increases my negative attitude toward it.”

Faculty also expressed anxiety.

“Anxious but cautiously optimistic, there’s a lot of uncertainty,” Dr. Brantley Craig said. “But a lot of good could come from both institutions.”

The acquisition also has brought feelings of loss.

“I’m happy for Delaware State University, because for them it’s a historic thing and they are growing,” Dr. Angela D’Antonio said. “I’m sad and disappointed that we could not sustain ourselves and help out the students and get new one to come. It’s a loss. We should mourn the institution.”

Some students said it might be better for students.

“I felt worried that I’d have to change around my plan with what classes I’m supposed to take,” junior Jenna Usilton said. “But I feel like it will be better for Wesley in the long run.”

Junior Toni Borg said she was worried how the acquisition was going to affect her English major.

“One of my concerns for this is my position in the MAT (Masters of Teaching in English) program may be messed up,” she said.

Junior Na’shae Cusic said she was concerned how Wesley College and Delaware State University accounting majors differ.

“It may affect how much time it will take for me to graduate,” Cusic said. “There are two different sets of requirements because we were two different colleges.”

Freshman Rebeca Sanchez said she applied to Wesley to be a Wesley student.

“I was upset when I heard about Delaware State University,” Sanchez said. “I applied to Wesley College in hopes of being a Wesley student and graduating as one, not a Delaware State University student.”