By Bryant King; The Whetstone

Joe Delgado, a sophomore kicker on Wesley’s football team, said he is still confident that the Wolverines will remain a team after DSU officially acquires Wesley this summer.

“I’m not worried as a player,” he said. “I know they will take care of us as a team and keep us up to date on any new information.”

Some players are not quite as confident as Delgado, and will protect what is best for them next year such as David Pierre a junior defensive tackle.

David Pierre

“I will do whatever I think is best for me,” he said. “After it happens, hopefully I can still be a Wolverine. If not, then it is what it is.”

Despite the uncertainty, Coach Chip Knapp is continuing practice and planning for spring.

“We are planning on playing football next year,” he said. “We are continuing like nothing is going to change.”

Athletic Director Tracy Short said she was confident that Wesley sports will remain Division 3 and in the same NJAC conference.

“We will continue to be a D3 program, whether that’s football or any other sport,” she said. “The name has not been discussed yet but as of right now we will be continuing in the same way that we have been all along.”

Short also said that even though we will have a closer relationship with DSU, recruiting should not affect our program outside of the normal way that it always had.

“There are still the regulations and a process that each player would have to go through in order to be recruited even by DSU,” she said.

Pierre said the information about the DSU’s acquisition of Wesley and the latter’s D3 status has been lacking.

“I feel like it should be much, much better because these are people’s lives and future and they need to know what’s going on,” he said.