By Justin Blunt; The Whetstone

Junior Dustin Sutton said he feels safer with public safety officers possessing guns.

He said he doesn’t see the guns as a problem if the officers have the proper training.

“I think they are a good idea because it gives them a way of protecting the students at this school as long as they use it in the right way,” he said

Public Safety officers at Wesley College have been able to carry guns for the past two years.

“My concern is the training,” Dr. Kathy Curran said. “It’s not something you can just get with a permit.”

Kathy Curran

Curran said she understands why public safety officers received the guns. She thinks that it would be good if the school ran a practice tests or lockdowns. Curran said the officers should have SWAT training, so they react to a potential shooting.

“My understanding is that they are carrying the gun to respond to an active shooter, for that they should more specific training,” she said.

Public Safety Director Garrick Cornish said his armed constables are trained well.

“We have been able to maintain qualifications and training and remain in compliance with the Delaware State Police Licensing division,” he said.

Cornish said the program keeps Wesley security contemporary.

“It allows us to keep up with our ever-changing world,” he said. “The majority of higher-ed institutions and K-12 education systems in Delaware have armed personnel on their campus or in their buildings.”

Cornish said his security guards “also have additional access to law enforcement information and training to aid us in having a secure environment. The program allows us to remain proactive in keeping our campus safe.”

Sophomore Cole Edwards also didn’t realize the officers had guns until recently.

He had a similar opinion to everyone else. He just wants to be sure that the officers have the proper training to keep us safe.

“I would feel safer because if anything did happen, they would be able to protect us.” he said.