By Khi’Asiah Holland; The Whetstone

Most families get together during the Thanksgiving holiday to share their favorite food.

Nazire Jordan

“We eat mostly everything people eat traditionally on Thanksgiving,” junior Nazire Jordan said. “But if I honestly had to choose, it would be lemon pie or apple pie as a family tradition.”

Some families have different meals that they traditionally make every year.

“As a family tradition, we make sure we eat Thanksgiving breakfast together because it is the only time, we all get together because we rarely see each other,” sophomore Delaney Wharton said.

There are different varieties of meals to choose from on Thanksgiving.

“Even though there are plenty of different foods people eat on Thanksgiving, my family always makes turkey and mac and cheese,” sophomore Leroy Pendleton said. “But my favorite meal is mac and cheese and fried chicken.”

Traditionally, turkey and ham are the most common dishes served on Thanksgiving.

“I like ham better than turkey because I believe it tastes better and is more flavorful,” sophomore Antoine Collins said.

Antoine Collins

Some students said the side dishes at Thanksgiving dinners are the most important.

“Mac and cheese, rice and gravy, sweet potatoes, and creamy spinach is my favorite side dishes for Thanksgiving,” Pendleton said. “Having those sides makes the entire dinner complete and gives it something to look forward to.”

There are different traditional recipes families pass down from generation to generation.

“My grandmother started the tradition for mac and cheese every Thanksgiving,” Pendleton said. “It was so good we grew a habit of having it every time.”

Some don’t bother with either turkey or ham.

“It is a tradition in my family to always have mac and cheese and fried chicken for Thanksgiving,” sophomore Geashaun Williams said.

Geashaun Williams