By Justin Blunt; The Whetstone

Sophomore Julianna Ceron said she skips class for several reasons.

“I skip class because it releases stress from my day,” she said. “Being in class can be certainly fun but sometimes you need a mental day to give yourself a break.”


Students said they tend to skip class for reasons ranging from stress, to being tired, to just, well, not wanting to go to class.

Ceron also thinks COVID-19 is a big reason why students skip class now.

“This is a very big part of skipping class this year because people have the fear of getting it and others don’t go to class out of the fear of spreading it,” she said.

Freshman Charles Dorsey said he doesn’t skip class on purpose.

“If I skip class it’s because I slept through one of my alarms,” he said.

Although Dorsey said he misses class about once a week, he never feels like he has to worry about being behind because he knows he can catch back up.

Dorsey said he doesn’t think COVID-19 affects his skipping class, unlike other students.

Associate Professor of English and Religion Dr. Brantley Craig said COVID-19 is a factor on why students miss class.

Professor Craig

“COVID is the reason for my not emphasizing attendance as much this semester,” he said.

He said he feels disappointed when students skip class. He gives students a certain amount of “leave days” because he knows things come up.

He also said he thinks that students who miss class are hurting themselves because they are losing the chance to learn, ask questions about assignments, and interact with other students.

When students miss class, Craig said he writes it down, and it affects their participation grade.

Adjunct Instructor of English Jean Gilroy said she also feels disappointed or frustrated when students skip class. She understands that COVID-19 is a big factor in why students skip.

“I have only seen that COVID has affected those who have been exposed in some way and are now quarantined,” she said.

Like Craig, Gilroy said she thinks that students are hurting themselves for skipping class for no valid reason. She thinks teachers should try and give students a chance to join a zoom call, so they don’t miss the class.

Sophomore Julianna Tompkins said COVID-19 is a big reason why she started skipping class.

“When I skip classes I do not worry about being behind in class because I always email the professor and make sure I get the work,” she said.

Tompkins said she never used to skip class her freshman year. This year is different.

“Since most of my classes are online or hybrid, I have had no motivation to do any of the work,” she said. “I am always very stressed out and don’t put my full potential into the work.”