By Sara Sanchez-Contreras andKhi’Asiah HollandThe Whetstone 

Sophomore Koren Stith said she had good reasons to vote.

“I voted for Biden because Trump was trying to lower the age to stay on your parent’s insurance, from 25 to 18, which is hard because I cannot afford it at the moment,” she said. 

Biden has more than 40 years of political experience, she said.

Junior Jada Kilgore said she voted because she wanted a more professional candidate for office.


“I voted election day at the voting booth,” she said. “It is important for us to participate in democracy, especially as woman. I voted for Biden because I agree with his political stance and he is better suited for office rather than Trump.” 

Young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 had a high voting turnout rate – 63% – compared to 47% in 2016.  

Junior Kaden Curtis said it was important for him to vote in this election. 

“It’s important we the people have the power to know who runs our country,” he said. “I want our ideas to be heard and by voting we can influence that with our vote.” 

Junior Rakiya Taylor said she moves a lot, which gives her less of an opportunity to register to vote.

wrong“No, I did not vote even though I wanted to,” she said. “I move a lot and I didn’t know where to register for this election. It’s important to vote to be heard, but I’m just upset I couldn’t this year.” 

In the 2020 Presidential election, Biden surpassed 74 million votes; Trump received 70 million. 

Senior Itunu Ogundipe said he voted against the current president.  

“I voted for Biden, but that was because I wanted to get Trump out of office,” he said.

Registration this year has been difficult for many college students.

Junior Mariah Brown did not register.


“No, I did not vote,” she said. “But it’s important to vote because every vote counts. It’s up to the country to express who they want vote for office.”

Some college students registered in the wrong state. 

Junior Dylan Sicca said he could not go and vote because he registered in a different state.

 “No, I did not vote,” he said. “It’s still important to vote. It’s a change we need and it’s good to be a part of the change.”


Staff and faculty also voted. 

Pastor Bonnie Mullen believes that voting is a privilege.  

 “Yes, I voted, and I did it in person at the voting booth,” she said. “It’s important to vote because it’s been a privilege I like to practice. I’ve been voting since I’ve been old enough to vote.” 

Dr. Jeffery Mask said he voted in the election because it was important to him. 

 “Yes, I voted in person at the voting booth early in the morning,” he said. “It’s important to vote. It is a civic duty as Americans. If people don’t speak up for what they believe in they get stuck with someone they do not like.” 

Sophomore Claire Augustine said she voted. 

“I voted early, I mailed in my ballot in New Jersey,” she said. “It’s kind of a way that the government can hear us. We want equality and to get order back in The White House. I voted for Biden his views were more in line with what I believe in. After four years of Trump as president he really divided our country.” 

Freshman Anthony Loglisci said he voted via a mail-in ballot on Oct. 30.

“I voted in Philadelphia,” he said. “It is important to vote because it can change the country and whoever is running the country and that is why I voted for Biden. also voted for Biden just to get Trump out of office.” 

Security guard Erika Hodges-Beines voted on Oct. 3 through the mail. 

The country needs change and what we are experiencing right now is a division and what we need is unity instead,” she said.

Voting in the mail seemed easier for college students instead of going back home to vote.

Sophomore Casie Heath said she mailed in her ballot on Oct. 24.

“It’s our future on the line and our children’s future as well we don’t want to make it any worse than what it is,” she said.

Dr. Brantley Craig said he voted through the mail on Oct. 23.

This is how the system works,” he said. “I believe that the government should be accountable for our people and voting does that.”

Sophomore Kwasatariah Jones said she believes that her vote is important. 

 “I voted for Biden because I would rather have someone in office that knows what they are doing instead of someone that runs this country as one of their businesses,” she said.