By Jay Simon; The Whetstone 

Freshman soccer player Alexa McCracken is not happy with how things turned out this fall semester.  

“I am upset knowing I don’t get the full college experience, but I know students all over the world have to experience this as well,” she said. “I also try to stay positive by thinking what I can do and how college seniors who play sports must feel much worse than I do as a freshman.”  


McCracken said she was disappointed knowing she couldn’t have her high school prom, senior trip, or a normal graduation. 

“Not being able to have my senior night for soccer was really hard,” she said. Since we play soccer in the spring in Delaware, I was used to all the protocols and restrictions for the upcoming fall season.”  

Freshman volleyball player Sara Brands said she was excited to start her college experience.  

My freshman year is really odd, especially with people wearing masks,” she said. “I am still grateful that I can have a little experience, though. My senior year of high school was taken away completely so to be able to have more than some of my college experience happen is better than just being sent home.”  

Brands said playing sports helps her take her mind off of COVID 

Sports are still able to practice in the fall and I am still able to bond with my team,” she said. “All I have to do is follow the guidelines and hope that everyone else is so that we can have a spring season. 

Freshman men’s soccer player Carlos Arita said he was excited to meet new people and play with his new teammates. 

“I was looking forward to my high school graduation, so when my county canceled everything you can imagine the disappointment,” he said. “I was more excited about playing at a higher level. I think all the freshman (were excited) to try to prove themselves.  

Arita said he is upset but will try to take this as a learning experience.  

“I will be focusing on doing well in my classes and being in shape for when the season does come around,” he said.  

Freshman volleyball player Alexis Durham said she was nervous about starting a new experience as a freshman in college.  


“I absolutely hate the change and I was so terrified,” she said. “But I was excited to move forward and leave high school in the past.” 

Durham said she was upset when she was told that she would not be able to finish all of her high schools spring events.  

“It was my senior season for soccer, and I had not been able to play the year before due to a knee injury, so I was frustrated I couldn’t play the important years of my high school career,” she said. “Learning how to handle school, volleyball, and work is a challenging thing for me but I am getting the hang of it.”  

Durham also said she isn’t terribly upset that she can’t play her first year in college.  

“It’s only my first year and there will be three more years to come,” she said. “I just wish there was more to do around the area and campus. College feels like high school now since there’s nothing else to really do yet.” 

Freshman football player Marcus Johnson said coming to college was a dream come true.  

 “I’m excited to be in college, but I was nervous because I haven’t been away from home for that long,” he said. “I never know what God has planned for me, but I keep a positive attitude.” 

Johnson said he had many mixed emotions when his senior year of high school was ruined by COVID 


“There were many thoughts but after a while I forced myself to get over it and prepare for new blessings like being at college,” he said. “I have no clue what may happen with sports for the upcoming spring, but I live by Be ready so you won’t have to get ready.’ 

Freshman volleyball player Sade Randall said she is upset not being able to see how college actually is, but is trying to make it as fun as possible.

“I was very excited to go to college,” she said. “I was ready to start a new adventure. I like stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things and going to new places.”

Randall said she knew that there would be a small chance of being able to play this season.

“I see this as a year to improve myself even more before we have a season,” she said. “I will focus on getting good grades and maintaining a good GPA.”