By Sara Sanchez-Contreras, Justin Blunt, Damani Eason,  and Khi’Asiah Holland; The Whetstone

Kendall-Wilson Lamourine remembers her graduation at Wesley like it was yesterday.

“My two best friends came to see me graduate,” she said. “We took pictures in front of the Wesley College sign.”


That nostalgia is something that Lamourine, now the college’s career advising coordinator,  continues to feel as an adult who now works at the graduation ceremony.

“I love the tradition that graduation has and I get this sense of adrenaline when I’m there,” she said.

Wesley College will end June 30 when Delaware State University takes it over.

Jenna Gruwell, coordinator of first year and international experience, said that working with fellow staff members in the Student Success and Retention department will always be some of her favorite memories.

“Being a part of the SSR is awesome,” she said. “It’s nice being a part of such a supportive department who’s able to make good out of bad situations.”


Christine McDermott, assistant vice president of academic affairs, said one of her favorite moments was traveling with colleagues to California for a conference.

“I had never been there before,” she said. “I traveled there with three other colleagues. We got selected to present at a national conference to teach faculty across the country about the AS198 course we teach here. Our session to talk about our course and the College was standing-room only.”

Assistant Director of Student Success & Retention Danielle Archambault said she fondly remembers the first time she came to Wesley College.


“I was walking out of Parker Library with AVP/Director McDermott when she told me how she was excited to welcome me to Wesley and gave me a big hug,” she said, “I knew right then Wesley was a welcoming place that I wanted to be a part of.”

Justin Blank, coordinator of the Academic Success Center, also attended Wesley and was president of his fraternity. One of his favorite moments occurred last semester.

“I was able to oversee the interns that worked in the Academic Success Center present their research,” he said. “I was once an intern myself. It felt very special.”

Melanie Grimes, the college’s counseling services coordinator, said her favorite moment was when she was praised by two students who were best friends.

“I had been meeting weekly with a student for a couple months,” she said. “He shared that he and his best friend, another student I had been working with, were so thankful that I was here for them to come to.”

Grimes said she had no idea they were friends.

“It was so special,” she said.

Erin Grier, an adjunct piano instructor, said her favorite memory happened when her freshman students had to perform their final projects on the last days of class.

“I loved seeing students own the materials from class and take their music skills to new levels,” she said.

Allen Bowers,  who has been a security guard at Wesley for a year, said he will remember the friendly atmosphere.

“We all pretty much get along and have great laughs and great times together,” he said. “I will never forget what Wesley did for me by hiring me when I needed them the most.”