Wesley students added to a chain of emails after President Clark sent out another COVID-19 update.

Students, staff and faculty participated in the exchange, but below The Whetstone reproduces most of the students’ emails as a service to those who did not receive them.


My name is Victoria Albanese, and I have something to say.

I have personally grown up on this campus and have seen the unfortunate demise of it. My mother taught here for 20 years, and I have been gracious enough to see how lively this school used to be.

Clark killed the life that this school had. You can see it in the decline in activities, the decline in Student engagement. Sports used to be proud to play and they had fans and events to support them. I can bet none of the current students have seen the Wesley wolverine mascot beside the slight chance they attended a sporting event. The school spirit has been lost for a while.

I am writing an editorial about the life of Wesley and how I’ve watched the school I called home come to an unfortunate end. It’s horrifying that it has come to this. This was the oldest college in the state and it was trashed and discarded like nothing by someone who tried to censor anyone who spoke up about it. Us who write stories for the whetstone have been targeted by him by spreading the truth. Our stories have been censored by the college because they refuse to share our new posts to everyone.

I have never been so appalled to be called a Wesley student. This was not the school I grew up with. And I wish everyone could see what Wesley was in its prime because it was beautiful. And now it has turned to ruins before we have even left.

I support Professor Bobby’s idea of a celebration of the Wesley legacy. By candle light vigil or however it’s decided. I feel as though we should be honored to have once been apart of a gracious family. We all know the people who aren’t invited. They destroyed a once great place.

Students are as outraged as faculty and staff. We deserve to be heard.

Victoria Albanese

Multimedia Communication


To quote a much more malevolent person, Robert Clark: “I think you’ll be surprised to see how many of your professors are recruited by Delaware State University. And, in addition that, I am working with others to find suitable placements for those who are not hired by DSU.”

Robert Clark spoke these words at a town hall last week. I suspect he believed that I, and everyone else in the meeting, would believe him.

The professors have assigned their anger and hate towards the correct person. And speaking from a student perspective, we are angry too. We are angry that an institution that has been in Dover since 1873, and our professors’ positions, will no longer exist in a few short months.

The students are angry too.


Dylan Bottomley


Despite being a very opinionated person, I have never been one to speak out. This, however, is where I draw the line. No one is happy if you have not already noticed. Students are being forced to abandon the place they call home, and leave behind countless professors who have made a serious impact on their lives, academic and personal. Professors are being left to either scramble last minute to find new jobs or face unemployment in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

The stress and anxiety this entire situation has caused is unbearable. My friends and I have struggled to cope with this transition, and I know many professors feel the same. Despite the obvious dismay the Wesley students and faculty have expressed in the last few months, nothing has been done to comfort us. We have been nothing but an afterthought to you, President Clark. We deserve better than this–better than you.

I think it is about time you realized, President Clark, that this “family” you keep referring to no longer includes you. We are NOT family. If we were family, you would not be throwing us to the wolves.

To those of you who actually care–thank you for supporting one another, and please continue to do so.

To the professors who have taught me so much over the last two years–you all deserve so much more. Thank you for all your hard work. I would not be the person I am today without each and every one of you.


Casie Heath


Most people who has classes with me know me as the person who sits in the front of the class, quiet but smart. I think it’s my turn to have a voice. I support the professors as a daughter of an educator, I know how much they work in and out of the classroom and because of your poor management the professors that has been teaching here for years, some longer than I’ve been alive, are out of the jobs. We are angry. We are upset. Our family is broken because of the lies we were fed. We were assured that Wesley was viable and would still have an identity. We were led to believe that this merger would be beneficial for both institutions.

For the professors who lost their jobs, if you had me in class or not. I’m sorry. I wish there was something I can do. The professors I have had, you are the reasons why I am going to be successful in life and I’ll miss you.

Claire Augustin


I personally feel as though this whole situation is devastating. DSU is really losing out on some valuable professors and with this decision so am I. I’m sorry for you all and I hope the best for you all.

Justice Tilly


I don’t think Clark gives a shit about what any of us has to say. Besides he gets a big check after the semester. The most he’ll do is write a half assed statement about how he is “saddened” about the lost of the faculty in reality he’ll just kickback on his desk while he watches the mess he created come falling down. I say, to really send him a message, we go on strike.

Wesner Dorcelus


Good evening Wesley Family,

My name is Jordan Shields and I finished up in December in the Kinesiology Department. Still praying for commencement as that is what I and many others most look forward to… The amazing and everlasting memories of Wesley is all I have as I was sent home back to PA due to the pandemic to finish and haven’t gotten to return to visit. It hurts my heart that all of this is happening as Wesley truly has put me where I am today and I cannot do anything to HELP. Prez………I’m speechless. Wesley faculty and students I do sincerely love each and every one of y’all. WE ARE A WESLEY FAMILY. I will cherish that until the man upstairs takes that.💙 please reach out!

Sincere Love,

Jordan Shields


Hello, my name is Callie Keen. The past few months, we have all seen emails saying “we are a family here at Wesley”. If it hasn’t already been made clear, the faculty and students all feel this is just a bold face lie. How dare you send out those emails pretending like you did not just destroy the lives of some of the most amazing teachers and leaders I have ever seen?? It really does send the message that you do not care for, not only your faculty, but your students as well.

To the teachers: You all deserve so much better. You are all some of the best professors I have ever had. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. YOU are what made Wesley feel like a family. To the professors who have helped me personally when I was going through a rough time, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You all treated us as if we were your own kids, but knew when to lay down the law when we needed it. THAT is what a family is. It sickens me to know that some of the best professors out there now do not have jobs because of someone else’s negligence. To that, I am so sorry. Please know that as students, we support you all and our hearts are breaking with you.


Callie Keen


During my years in high school attending Dover High, I lived right on Governors Ave. This was when the Wesley football house was behind mine. Despite being rowdy college boys, they were very friendly and proud of their football team. They gave my family tickets to go see the football games and they always treated me with kindness. It honestly made me excited to soon be a college student.

As a high schooler, I never wanted to stay in Delaware for college, but my mother had attended Wesley and she wanted me to apply, so I did. When accepted, I began my path at Wesley hopeful for something new. Within my first year, I made plenty of close friends that I still talk to today. I created relationships with professors. I advocated for Wesley being a great college because we WERE a family. We had the small liberal arts college feel that students like me were exactly looking for.

The professors speaking up such as Professor Bobby and Dr. Laganella are teachers who have made a deep impact in my life along with many others. Yes. It does sadden me to see their home being ripped from them. It brings me to tears. They do not deserve this. We as STUDENTS do not deserve this.

This email thread of strong individuals is living proof of the family that we had that was destroyed by the one man who was supposed to keep us together.

This is our story and we won’t be silenced.

Kaliyah Weldin

Music Education


Hi there,

First off, thank you everyone emailing and Dr. Barnhardt for sharing our messages.

We all conformed initially, fell into compliancy hoping we won’t rock the boat so professors and staff get offered jobs, we get as many credits possible transferred, and we graduate.

Seniors do not know what is happening for graduation two weeks before end of school. Underclassmen are losing their college majors and opportunities they might have had with the Wesley College name.

As I am a transfer student I have not been at Wesley or in Delaware very long, but I have heard bad things about DSU. Students are here because they want a quality education not a degree handed to them.

I heard about a professor was let go by DSU because he didn’t comply by give passing grades who student that didn’t show up and didn’t do their work. (this was a while ago but may still be true)

But worst of all, professors are losing their livelihood. As they prepare us for the real world they are getting screwed by their “family.” When they found out about the acquisition, they didn’t leave us high and dry. They kept teaching, mentoring, and helping their students. Even today, after they found out they will not have a job in the upcoming weeks they still showed up.

That’s the difference I see here at Wesley. The professors show up, the faculty shows up, and the students show up.

Where have you been President Clark?

Mikaela Miesbauer


I began my journey at Wesley College in the fall of 2016 as a naïve, bright-eyed freshman uncertain of where my journey would take me next. I knew that Wesley College would provide me with the inclusive and intimate learning experience of a small private college that none of the other College/universities I applied to could ever offer. As a first generation American, a minority and soon to be first generation college graduate, it was reassuring to know that my presence was cherished and appreciated by all I interacted with during my 5 years here.


To the Wesley College Faculty and Staff,

I am truly saddened and outraged to have both seen and read about the repercussions you all have faced both as a result of the pandemic and the “merger” of our Wesley College home and Delaware State University. Having had the opportunity to be a student, an athlete, and a leader at this great institution, I had the chance to interact with and even bond with so many of you, whether through attending your classes, interacting with you in the cafe/Den, or in passing. The time spent, experiences had, and memories forged are all things I refuse to allow to be tarnished as I walk across the stage this upcoming May. All I can do is offer up my condolences, thanks, and prayers to those that are left trying to recover as a result of one man’s poor decisions. Although it may be tough, I leave you all with one of my favorite scriptures that helped me through difficult times during my undergraduate studies – “For I consider [from the standpoint of faith] that the sufferings of the present life are not worthy to be compared to the glory that is about to be revealed to us and in us” (Romans 8:18 AMP)

Best Regards,

Rex Chege


As an alum of Wesley college, I wish I could say this behavior from Mr. Clark was surprising, however, this is the reputation that he has provided Wesley with. My heart goes out to faculty and staff as well as current students for the situation you have been put in. If Wesley has taught me anything it’s that you need to speak out against what is wrong. The cowardly way that this situation has been handled speaks for Mr. Clark and the others who agree with him. This does not speak for Wesley college as a whole. I am incredibly proud of the real Wesley family, who can be seen in the below thread. I am also incredibly sorry that you all have been forgotten by the people who are supposed to represent you.


Destynee Roberts

Wesley College Alum


I chose to attend Wesley college for a reason and not DSU, UD, Del tech, or Wilmington.  I AM MAD. I AM UPSET. I do not want to attend DSU but i need to finish what i started. I had no motivation to finish what so ever at Wesley because it felt like a ghost town and not a happy place anymore  and now with everything that’s going on i have even less motivation, The anxiety of having to navigate the DSU campus is astronomical I’m glad to see that some teachers were able to keep their jobs but I’m completely an utterly destroyed that the other half are now without jobs and without pay especially through times like the ones we’re going through now.

-Melanie  Nieves


As I read and hear about what is going on with Wesley College’s students and faculty my heart breaks. I started as a freshman at Wesley College in 2017. I am about to graduate this May. I have never seen a more dedicated group of professors that truly care about each and everyone of their students like I have here, at Wesley. This school has made me fall in love with economics. It has given me the opportunities to be in the student government and even play sports.

This school has helped me grow into the person I am today. The professors I had over these four years have pushed me, believed in me and taught me everything. Literally everything. The news of the professors not being hired and Wesley College about to be non-existent has been extremely emotional for me and everyone who loves this school. These professors deserve the world and then some. They should be rewarded and commended for all of their hard work they have put into their careers and students. They should get a ceremony so we can all remember who shaped and formed us into the intellectual young adults we are today.

Thank you to every professor here at Wesley College. I know you have made a huge impact on each and everyone of us. You all deserve better.

– Sarah Fryer, Senior Business Administration Student


I don’t think president Clark leaving the school will benefit anyone. It will just make things worse for us in the long run. We are the kids that  never had great things come to us in this school. This is a time where  you adults responsible, need to come forward and fix this situation. Don’t give this guy any chance to put us in back of him. I wasted my money coming here and that is a major problem because the whole school came here expecting the best and got the worst every year. It’s getting to a point where nobody is showing up for their job and once again that’s leaves us with suspicion and plenty other things. This school was corrupt for years.

I appreciate all the teachers for their input , but at the same time the students are feeling this way too . We feel let down because we don’t have any caring energy around the school to help us progress. As students we shouldn’t even see all of this nonsense . I haven’t lived my full college experience the way that I should have, the way that we all should have . President Clark . Do your job . Teachers and students are losing their focus and this need to be handled the right way

Nazire Jordan


My heart goes out to all Wesley faculty dealing with this issue. It is an issue out of our control but seems like it has been an issue that has been going on for sometime now with many people including the students being affected by the neglect. I have 2 members of my family who are alumni and they are appalled at where Wesley has went since they graduated. I was so happy when i got accepted into Wesley. I felt like it was an accomplishment further than DSU and for the students that element graduating this year and in the midst of all the drama going on in this world, have to deal with it and its heart breaking to see. All we can hope for is a beautiful final commencement and Wesley College can be honored for all the excellence it created. This is Dallas Rhodes, senior at Wesley. I appreciate the effort from the professors in this hard time

Dallas Rhodes


My name is Katie Fry, and I began my journey here in 2015. It’s unfortunately the same year that Clark took over leadership, so I don’t have too many wonderful memories to compare it to. To echo many, I was a first-generation Delaware college student who had the OPTION of going to the better-known schools of the University of Delaware of DSU. I selected Wesley for the small class sizes and greater opportunities I was provided. Of which there were many, thanks solely to the efforts of the Science and Mathematics department who put immense time in to seek funding for research support. These faculty and staff members, the amazing women in the SSR, and the many professors in Honors courses I met along the way: I cannot thank you enough for the woman you have shaped me into, and I cannot put into words how sorry I am for the loss of your livelihoods due to single “man.” To think about the size of the unemployment he has caused in the middle of a pandemic no less, from custodial and kitchen staff to administration is upsetting for all of us, students.  And it’s even worse knowing that he fed everyone lies and gave false hope to many about a ‘Wesley Campus’ for over a year.

I was once proud to represent Wesley, and I did so on many occasions. At national conferences. In clubs. In high schools across the state. What’s most disappointing is that I was even tasked to recruit for Wesley. It sickens me that I might have had a hand in causing a student to choose this institution, only to find it has closed its doors on them. I was proud to come to a school that lifts up and supports students who wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to receive higher education, but this will no longer exist for low-income and minority Delaware students. You have set the entire state back Clark.

To graduate virtually in a pandemic last year was heartbreaking, but frankly, now I am thankful that I had the opportunity to do so at all. I am filled with anger that the underclassmen I left behind, students I mentored and built relationships with for years, are forced to transfer in their senior years to schools with little to no guidance. I worked my ass off for five years to get two degrees, and I’m not alone in the sentiment that now, it’s quite embarrassing and difficult to say I graduated from Wesley College….. A school a year from now no one will have any idea existed.

Katelynn ‘Katie’ Fry


B.S. & M.S. Environmental Science, 2020

The Former “Wesley College”


To the Wesley Professors,

If it hasn’t already been made abundantly clear, we respect, adore, and cherish each one of you. As a student watching you all go through this has been nothing less than heart shattering. I thank you, that even though you have been walking through this uncertainty, you have put us, your students, first. You still show up every class, you still teach, and you still care. That speaks volumes of who you are as people. Your pain has become our pain. We know the care you have for us and the want you have for each of us to succeed. I truly wish there was more we could do outside of expressing our adoration. The situation you have all been placed in..I honestly have no words for how unfair and cruel it all truly is.

You all deserve so much better.

Kasey Pooler


Hello, my name is Laurelyn Richardson (a former student as well as a student leader at Wesley). I am at such a loss for words, this is absolutely infuriating. From my freshman year (for those who remember), President Clark, who has not been a leader at Wesley WHATSOEVER, denied Wesley even being a family or taking responsibility for Wesley and its so called “family”, and has never apologized for the trauma, disrespect, and disregard for students, faculty, and staff that he has. From a racist cartoon not being handled whatsoever by him, to ignoring student needs and ignoring/not caring about the lives of the students of Wesley College. To see Robert Clark, a disgrace to Wesley College, and the demise of Wesley is heartbreaking. This school under the “authority” of Clark has shown Wesley at its worst and in utter demise. Seeing organizations go down the drain including my own, sports dying, and the campus becoming a depressing ghost town is absolutely awful. To the students, faculty, and staff who are having to put up with Clark’s bullshit, I am so sorry. I sympathize with you all.

Robert, you are an absolute disgrace to the college. You should be ashamed of yourself. Kick rocks, Mr. Clark.


Laurelyn Richardson


Hello My name is Aditya Bajaj (Addy)

I feel like I should say something too. I am a former student, yes I still have access to my Wesley Email. I graduated in 2019 and let me say this in the clearest of words it absolutely pisses me off how this school declined during the 4 years I spent. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for my education at Wesley. I met me few of my closest friends there. The professors I had were amazing and kind and I absolutely hate how they are being treated. I hope every single of the professors have the best careers moving forward. It pains me to see that the place O spent 4 years of my life will cease to exist in a few months. I’m happy to have met the most amazing of faculty and I wish it was managed by a competent president who would have taken the school to greater heights and not a fool who took it down the drain. I am thankful for the professors I had during my time there and all the faculty at Cannon Hall.


A proud alumni


My name is Matthew Messina, and I’ve been a student here for the past few years. I woke up this morning to all these emails, and my jaw was dropped the whole time while reading. My very first thought was “I’m a student though, am I allowed to respond to these, and share my mind?” I am sure I am not the only student who is scared to open up about our concerns. But here I am putting a foot down.

You see Mr. President, I’m a commuter (since I came here), so I don’t get news and updates as quickly as others who are on campus or have contact with faculty to keep up with all of this. These emails are quite literally the FIRST time I am learning about all of this. Not only are us students angry – we are confused and lost. We’re students for Pete’s sake. This entire transition to DSU could not be any more of a jumbled mess. My heart reaches out to all the professors, advisors, and other students who have tried their absolute hardest to help us be ready/prepared for the transition.

I may not have been here long, but I have been here long enough to know that each professor I have attended classes with, are GOOD people. SMART people. LEADERS. They deserve better.

As I’m typing, my hands are shaking from so many different emotions. To the faculty and students who have already stood up, thank you. I hope this email reaches out to others who are hesitant to stand up for OUR college. I hope all these email responses give courage, hope, and union. Although I have MUCH more on my mind, I will leave my thoughts as it is in this email.

I look forward to that public statement about your actions, Mr. President.


To Whom It May Concern,

I am a recent grad of Wesley in the Kinesiology Program and a 5 year member of the Wesley College Baseball Team. To see what has happened from afar, like many others, is astonishing. You see a Commander from the Navy ( no disrespect whatsoever to our armed forces) with great intent to deliver success to Wesley College and its Family. Like many of you, I had high hopes for Wesley and it’s new President. We all thought This President  could have done so much for its family, you know, maybe a student recreation center that has been promised for I don’t know, say 10 years? We saw a leader, one with great pride and respect for himself and others.

Throughout my time here, I have my countless memories with people and friends who I will never forget. We made Wesley. The students, the athletes, the professors, Dover, made Wesley, and You President Clarke, sunk our ship.

It’s is with great remorse I am writing this email, but I just can’t seem to hold the words anymore. Like others, I share the same frustration. How could it have gotten to this point?! It makes zero sense. We pay an outstanding tuition, for a school to go under. It’s is 3 blocks long, by 2 blocks wide. So I think that’s a question that needs to be answered and for everyone to see.

To the Faculty. You have made such an impact on my life, that I don’t think a thank you would be enough. I would not be where I am today without ALL of you. To hear my name announced at the Virtual Graduation Ceremony was a blessing, and I know most, if not all of you, we’re watching. Thank you.

Prez.. you let us down, most of all, you let Dover down.


Connor Matthew Springsteen

Proud to be a Wesley Wolverine


My name is Christina Grider (previously McTheny) (student turned teacher at Wesley),

In 2014 I graduated from Milford High School. I had no other school choice when it came to college. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and there was no other option for me. I arrived to campus and immediately felt like I was home. The previous president was out with his wife walking his dog and personally shook my hand and welcomed me to the campus. I knew I had found the college I wanted to go to.

I spent the next 6 years at Wesley and I graduated with my Bachelor’s and my Masters.

However, throughout those 6 years, I personally watched the campus fall due to Clark’s negligence.

I am now a teacher at Wesley, so I have been able to see on both sides of the fence during my time at Wesley. Wesley has been my home in many ways for several years now, and it has become a place I barely recognize.

There are so many teachers on this campus who have spent so much time and effort on me in order to make sure I am successful, and to see the people I hold the most dearly treated this way, is painful to say the least. None of these wonderful people deserve this and to see an ambivalent admin treat their staff and faculty like a toxic parent, is frankly disgusting.

I am not going to waste my time on long, drawn out emails, but just know that this will never be forgotten and it breaks my heart to watch this beautiful campus and family destroyed because of the passivity of one man.

I know what everyone here wants to say, but it is too vulgar to put in an email, so hopefully it comes across.

Professor Christina Grider

Adjunct Professor of English

Wesley College


I just want to say after seeing the current email chain by the president and other faculty I as a student stand by you the faculty. I can’t imagine what you as faculty members are going through but I can say with absolute certainty that how you have been treated is unfair and not like family. I wish there was some way to support you through this time as you have supported me throughout my journey at Wesley. We need to find a way to actually honor Wesley and the loss of Wesley.

Toni Cook


I have been attending Wesley for 2 years and specifically chose Wesley college over DSU and UD in pursuit of my bachelor’s degree  because of the higher academic standards and overall atmosphere prior to this year. It is disheartening to have read all of the hate geared towards president Clark, but seems like it is well deserved. It’s sad to see how much of an impact one incompetent “leader” can have on a college campus. The pride of being a Wesley college student has definitely faded.

Judson Watson


To allow this school to fail , is an abomination. The ending of this school means the burial of memories. Friendships that have been forged, irreplaceable bonds between students and teachers. Some people even have met the love of their life here. Every memory mentioned and everything  in between will be laid to rest with this institution.

Each year I have been here I have lost someone. It began with me losing a professor near and dear to me in the music department due to false accusations . My sophomore year I mourned the death of my childhood friend Amber Sell as she lost her battle to diabetes in the dorms now as a Junior I am losing my ENTIRE support system.

The rising seniors are now faced with one their greatest nightmares. Being moved to a new school in their senior year. Has Clark considered the impact this will have one the mental health of the student body? How are students and professors expected to continue on with the remainder of the semester knowing that our days together are numbered? How are we supposed to prepare for our future when so much is unknown?

It saddens me to know that our Naval veterans president doesn’t truly know the meaning of “going down with the ship”, and what happened to “no man left behind”?

Where is our sociopathic leader now that it time to face the music?  Oh that’s right , propelling out of harms way in his golden parachute seeking gratification for the destruction of hundreds of lives, while the rest of us are now left to wade through the destruction.

Jaylah Hartsfield


Hello everyone,

My name is Crystal Collins and I am now a graduating senior here at Wesley. I started my journey at Wesley back in the Spring of 2000 but had to leave in the last semester of my senior year due to personal reasons. As the first person in my family to go to college, I chose Wesley because of its history and how proud everyone looked representing the school when I came to visit. I wanted to be able to say that I was able to graduate from such a wonderful institution. It was at Wesley that I was able to forge friendships that have lasted to this day. I still remember Christine “Teen” McDermott being the big sister that kept us in line because she knew that friendly guidance was what we needed to succeed. It was here that I reactivated the chapter of my national sorority (Zeta Phi Beta) that had died out. Here that I watched proudly as our football team crushed others. Here that I proudly wore my wolverine gear. Those feelings of pride are what brought me back to finish what I had started 16 years prior. And with the help of Dr. Barnhardt, I am doing just that. But with everything that has taken place, unfortunately, that pride in our school has diminished. I could have chosen to finish my degree elsewhere but I chose to come back to legacy and tradition only to find it thrown out the window. Wesley has always been like family…staff included. To discard everything that has been built has taken away the full excitement that I had for graduating from here. At this point, I’m grateful that I’m finishing this semester because becoming a DSU student was NEVER an option for me. It wasn’t in 2000, nor is it today.

To the students that are being put into a situation where transitioning over is your only option and to the staff that have been so carelessly disregarded, my heart goes out to all of you and I am praying for blessings upon blessings for you all. If there is to be a vigil, please make that public so that I can attend and bring former fellow wolverines along with me.


My name is Lydia St Dennis,

I was a Music Education major for a year and a half before I withdrew due to personal reasons, and I as well am appalled by what is going on.

I had always planned on coming back to Wesley because I loved the atmosphere that my professors created.

My professors, who despite the decrease in the music program NEVER ceased to show up. These professors were and are working with little to nothing. Working in disgusting buildings, with bathrooms with mold and chipped walls. But they STILL showed up to teach, and with a smile on their face.

But to find out that Wesley, specifically you, “President Clark” fired my favorite professor, absolutely disgusts me. It is under my understanding that a president doesn’t pick and choose which people to look after but a president looks after all people.

You discarded the work of all these professors that have stuck around throughout Wesleys hardships, have shown what it truly means to be a Wesley Wolverine.

I not only will NOT be returning to Wesley, but I also plan on spreading the word that Wesley isn’t the school to choose, and that the “president” of said college doesn’t care about school spirit or the success of the students but rather all the other things that don’t matter.

Faculty, Students, Former students and outsiders looking in are angry and disgusted at this change.


Lydia St. Dennis


I’m not going to try and write a detailed email here for everyone to read in attempt to try and speak the minds for all the students and faculty of Wesley because I can not do that – not even in the slightest. As much as I hate saying it, as a graduating student, I am so thankful not to have to worry too much about this acquisition. This email is just for me to say that I hope that all of the students and faculty are somehow able to get through this horrible time in some type of piece. Not as a whole, not partially, but whatever can be managed. Please hold Clark responsible for his actions. Additionally, I want to thank the many faculty members that have given so much to this school and to the student body. You are so appreciated.

My best wishes for everyone,

Hope Aiken


Glad I got my degree already matter fact I think y’all owe me some money back too. Aye make sure you burn that dumb bomber jacket you always wear when it’s cold or hot it probably stink!!! Talking bout MLK.Jr, he wouldn’t wear that.

Brandon Thomas


Thank you to all our professors who have spoke up and said what we are all thinking. It genuinely is sickening to see all of our hardworking professors being treated poorly, and how all of their futures have been jeopardized. Wesley College has clearly shown throughout the past year that they do not care about any of their faculty or students. Not only is it sickening to see our professors being kicked to the curb, it is disgusting how Wesley College plays the “we are negotiating with Delaware State University” card almost daily. However they are allowing Delaware State University to walk all over us students. Many of us are attending Wesley College relying heavily on scholarship aid, that has now been ripped away from us. We have been told that “details won’t be known until Summer, however, Wesley College is working to get you guys the aid you deserve”. Some of us have no other options than to switch to Delaware State University and have been given false hope that we will receive some type of aid. Told we can’t be promised anything at the end of the day. How is it fair for us students to be strung along in this process knowing our futures may be jeopardized as well. The only family I have seen here at Wesley College the past two years is the professors and students, because we are the only ones who support each other and stick together at the end of the day. All Wesley College professors and students are hurting right now.

Alyssa Trasser


I feel as though most, if not all students share these same sentiments!

Very Respectfully,

Monshea Newsome-Murray


It’s very unfortunate that our professors have to suffer and be pushed under the rug as if they do not matter. I feel as though there should have been some type of arrangement taken place so they no one is left out. Think about it, my peers and I will be starting our “new college” journey with teachers that we do not know. It’s not going to be an easy transition. Why not try to fight to open up spaces so they we feel comfortable with our professors that WE are used to.

To our current professors, we appreciate you all!

Yunique Palmer


Hello all, my name is Raymond Mangold and unfortunately I am not in these emails and many people have been talking about them. I would like to say and put out there that I was getting my Master’s degree from Wesley and was a Graduate Assistant for the football team. Unfortunately I did not finish and I quit, as coaches we were told there were going to be athletic seasons and were promised as such. President Clark had us lying and deceiving the athletes into coming back just so Wesley could somewhat pay the bills. I decided I did not want to be a part of that and told as many people as I could to leave Wesley college because there was no future here. Some listened and are happy now because if the fact I told them the truth , which we all should have done , president Clark failed the college, the faculty and the students. We should of been being honest with everyone and let them move on accordingly rather than this shit they did to everyone and you have to be a grimy individual to pick paying bills over the faculty’s jobs and livelihoods as well as the students hopes and ambition. To be honest, I can’t stand wearing my Wesley gear anymore, it’s just embarrassing everywhere I go people wanna give their condolences and how it’s a shame that this happened.  I’m in a better place now because I left before all of this went down and I really hope that everyone moves on to bigger and better things because ultimately great things did not await as part of Wesley College!