By Khi’Asiah Holland; The Whetstone


I came to Wesley College because of the small setting. 

This gave me a chance to get the attention I need from my teachers.  

Smaller classes give students the opportunity to engage with their classmates and professors more. Also, it allows students to be more comfortable with everyone.

Now I have to adjust to classrooms that probably will contain more than 40 students and still manage to social distance as we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Wesley College is coming to an end after 148 years of a successful college journey. 

President Clark failed Wesley College. The site of the former college will be acquired Delaware State University July 1. 

Clark’s failure will result in a drastic change for students in the upcoming fall semester because they will now be forced to attend larger classrooms and some will be forced to leave behind their scholarships.  

Wesley’s faculty and staff also are impacted by Clark’s failure. 

Many faculty and staff are losing their jobs and only have a few months to figure out how they are going to support their families and keep up with their bills. 

As a community, we could have come together to raise money for the school by having a fund raiser, a car wash, have a bake sale, or ask people for donations. 

This is a tough time for us all. It should have been handled better and President Clark should have found a way to raise money to earn enough to continue Wesley College’s legacy.