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Students Resist And Insist On Filling Out Daily COVID Pass

By Justin Blunt; The Whetstone Sophomore Leah Jones said she doesn’t like filling out the College’s daily COVID pass. But she does it. She wouldn’t be able to play field hockey if she didn’t. She said her coach – as the school...

International Students Go Home

The coronavirus has impacted at least 124,000 public and private schools and at least 55.1 million students, according to Across the country, schools are closed. Many of the students have returned home but trapped...

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Senior year cut short due to COVID-19

By Brielle Braxton-Young, The Whetstone It was supposed to be one of the best times of the school year for most college seniors. Some were either going to or coming back from spring break, and before they knew it, they were...

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Success in STEM

By Troy Hamilton; The Whetstone STEM student Victoir Cahoon said he’s proud to be in Wesley...

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